Jarome Iginla (jaromeiginla) wrote in mbb4,
Jarome Iginla

I guess I should say hello...


Jarome here, captain of the Calgary Flames -- well, when we're playing, that is. I think a couple of you might know me. Maybe. ;-) I'm pretty much hanging out at home right now, spending time with my daughter, rather than playing for Team Canada... strange, to be turning down playing hockey, but there you go.

I'm really bad about talking about myself in this kind of capacity, so I won't take up too much of your time with incoherent babbling, since that's probably what it would break down to at the moment, sadly. Anyway. Feel free to message me on AIM -- I'm stiggysfire -- I'm always up for chatting. That's all for now. Hope to talk to people soon. :)
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