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I was talking to Ben last night and it occured to me that no one's really met in person. And I was also thinking that I haven't been fishing in a really long time. I found this guy that runs a charter out of Hudson (Florida) and he's got a really great boat. So who wants to come hang out for a weekend and nab some grouper?

I was thinking the end of the month. I think you Americans have a holiday on the 30th (is it then or the week before?), but that's Monday. You can come over on Wednesday or Thursday and we'll fish Friday and stuff ourselves with fish all weekend, and I'll kick everyone out on Sunday.

I have three empty bedrooms in my house if anyone wants to stay here. I'm by myself in Tampa, so there's no kids running around. There's a screened-in, heated pool and we have a fence around the backyard. The neighbors are friendly and won't get in the way (and no, before you ask, there's no marijuana involved - that's just Vermont, ha ha).

So who's in? If you can see this, you're invited.

[If you're interested in doing this as a chat, please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Otherwise we'll just pretend a bunch of people caught a bunch of fish and cooked them and ate them and drank a bunch of beer.]
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