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I've had this conversation many times, so I figure I should just consolidate it into one post, get everyone's opinions. Most of you are hockey boys, so...I'd like to hear your opinions.

Why isn't hockey popular?

Way I understand it is, hockey's a leading sport in Canada and Europe. So why's America so different? (And no America-uncultured jokes, y'hear?) I mean, I grew up in Ohio, never even heard about hockey til the Columbus Blue Jackets moved into the state (and Columbus is like, 5 hours away, so I really didn't care.) It certaintly ain't that Ohio isn't cold enough, cause trust me it is. Just never heard anything. Never got interested.

Yahoo news has an interesting article here that discusses too. That, you know, there's somethin' whacky going on when Battle of the Gridiron Stars is getting double the ratings that your sport is. And, much as I find the show amusing, it's cause my teammates and co-workers are on it, I can't much see the appeal of NFL boys playin' tug-of-war.

So, yeah. Lemme know, I'm genuinely curious.
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