Suzanne Brigit Bird (callme_bigpoppa) wrote in mbb4,
Suzanne Brigit Bird

Hi from Seattle :)

Well I suppose it’s time for me to introduce myself. original_sue down there *waving at Sue* has been holding down the fort for women’s basketball very well but I figured it was time for someone else to play the backcourt for her. Unlike her, I *am* THAT Sue. I don’t really know what to write in here, but it appears that all the introductory posts have been filled with bio information so that’s where I’ll start.

I’m originally from Syosset, New York and went to Christ the King High School. I’ve won a lot of medals, but although they’re shiny (which seems to be a big thing around here ;-) ), they don’t really mean a whole lot to me. Except the gold medal I got in 2004 with the women’s Olympic team...that one's special enough to remain in my sock drawer for a long, long time.

I’m going to be 25 in October and I wear number 10 for that reason. I play for the Seattle Storm and was the #1 Draft Pick in ’02.

Let’s see..what else?

I love basketball, but it’s not my reason for living. French Fries and the Love of my Life would be my reasons for living. But not in that order, mind you.

I got a few really shiny trophies and awards from my college years, but they’re not with me. Geno kept them all..the bastard. :) Love you, Coach.

Nah, I don’t care about the trophies and the medals. My most prized possessions are my family, my lover, and my chocolate chip cookie recipe. Again..not in that order.

If you wanna know anything, let me know. And it’s great to be here. Oh..and if I weren’t playing basketball, I’d TOTALLY be playing soccer! Which means it’s a real honor to be in a list of some of the best women’s soccer players! I’m really stoked about that!

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Welcome, welcome. I'm Mark, as the username suggests. We got a lot of soccer players around, at least, supposedly. They've been quiet lately.

So where'd you go to college? Y'managed to get through the intro without mentioning that, and it's an awfully important detail. Southern Cal for me.
Hey Mark! :) Thanks for the welcome! Sorry about the oversight!

I went to UCONN, baby! :) The University of Connecticut! GO HUSKIES!!!

I still get a little passionate about that! :)
Ahh, other coast. We don't have any particular rivalry with UConn in any sport I can think of, so...sure.
Great to meet you, Sue! I'm Marty (and that's Marty, not "the short guy," if you please) and I play hockey. I actually start training camp tomorrow. Come hell or high water, we're going to try to win the Stanley Cup again this year.

I don't know a thing about basketball, but I guess that's just a good excuse for us to talk.
Why thanks, Marty! I would never call anyone short. I'm 5'9" myself in a whole sea of women who are taller than I am. I have NO right to point fingers, ya know? Good luck on the Cup. I don't know much about hockey myself. I've been to a few games, but I don't understand the details.

We don't need an excuse to talk, but if you want some basketball pointers or refreshers, I'm your girl! :)
Oh, FINALLY, someone else who looks up to talk to teammates. You and I are going to be friends.
I had no doubts my man,...none. :)
You know we're going to end up confusing people. Two basketball players around and we're both named Sue? I sense disaster, or amusement, possibly both.

The guys do seem fascinated by shiny things. Maybe it's a male bonding ritual. I should ask my brother.

Someday I'll have to borrow that chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's hard keeping a kid amused on a rainy day, and chocolate chip cookies are perfect for distraction.

And if I'd gone to UConn... I wouldn't admit it either.